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Micro-mobility is an exploding industry, with exponential growth in demand from users and cities across the globe. Fleet operators and municipalities face numerous challenges in rolling out their services in a safe and neighborhood friendly way.



Challenges for micromobility operators include locating the scooters for riding and/or charging, understanding rider safety, and parking in unauthorized areas. Each of these challenges can be solved by having hyper-accurate scooter location and sensors data at all times. Existing high precision positioning solutions have major limitations such as availability, acquisition time, price and performance in urban areas, making them unsuitable for the micro-mobility industry.



Parking in unauthorized


Quickly locate scooters for charging and service


Limits ability to improve 
safety and provide insurance


Our Vision

Navmatic enables high-accuracy positioning in the most challenging environments by fusing standard GPS hardware, low-cost sensors, and proprietary sensor fusion software. Navmatic’s solution is specifically tuned for micromobility vehicles, fusing high rate sensor measurements with multipath mitigation algorithms to unlock key location context use-cases for the future of micromobility.


NAV 550


Navmatic’s positioning solution specifically designed for micromobility in all environments

NAV Safety Score

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Enables the rider to understand safety risks and accidents

NAV Vision


AI-powered solution for sidewalk detection

Navmatic's solutions

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Enable better user experience and operation

Enable rider safety monitoring


Enable better collaboration with municipalities 


March 4, 2021

Navmatic and Xona Space Systems to Partner on Safe and Secure Location for Micromobility

Navmatic and Xona Space Systems have announced a partnership to develop, test, and deploy Xona’s novel GNSS service, Xona Pulsar™, with Navmatic’s Micromobility Positioning System to improve safety and security for micromobility applications.

February 23, 2021

Navigation for MicroMobility just got upgraded: Trailze and Navmatic announce a partnership

Trailze and Navmatic are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Trailze’s MicroNavigation API with Navmatic’s high precision GPS solutions — to offer micromobility users a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

February 15, 2021

5 Reasons Why Your GPS Isn’t Accurate

93 million miles away, the Sun ejects a large volume of charged particles that hurtle towards Earth. While you stare at the blue dot on the map application on your phone, you may not realize that in just a few hours or days, those particles will arrive at Earth, wreak havoc on GPS signals, and incorrectly cause your blue dot to jump across the street.