Navigation for MicroMobility just got upgraded: Trailze and Navmatic announce a partnership

Trailze and Navmatic are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Trailze’s MicroNavigation API with Navmatic’s high precision GPS solutions — to offer micromobility users a safer and more enjoyable riding experience. enables sub-meter positioning

Navmatic’s location in blue vs. phone location in red

Silicon Valley — Feb. 23rd, 2021 — As more and more people begin to rely on micromobility for transportation, finding the safest and most efficient route from A to B, becomes even more critical. This is especially true in densely populated cities where narrow roads and traffic can make some streets challenging to navigate safely. Utilizing Trailze’s micromobility-specific navigation software allows riders to find the safest and shortest path. However, in most big cities, the GPS found in a cell phone is not of sufficient quality to consistently locate a user for turn by turn directions. Navmatic’s specialized GPS sensor fusion location software, combined with Trailze’s urban routing engine, offers the precision required to navigate to a last-mile destination with ease. In practice, this means riders can avoid difficult-to-maneuver routes, even in the most dense areas of the city.

The Trailze-Navmatic partnership combines two unique solutions designed specifically for micromobility users. Trailze has created a navigation engine utilizing patented technology to generate optimally safe routes, without sacrificing either distance or time-to-destination. Their navigation-based predictive analytics maximize vehicle and ride efficiency. Navmatic’s precision GPS geared specifically towards micromobility vehicles will allow riders to utilize Trailze’s navigation engine to the greatest extent, so that riders do not have to rely on their inconsistent phone GPS systems in urban areas.

We are excited to partner with Trailze’s team” said Boaz Mamo, CEO at Navmatic. “By combining our cutting edge position technology, with the leading solution for navigation that both were designed specifically to micromobility, micromobility users can navigate safely and fast to their destination without looking at their phones’."

Ronen Bitan, CEO at Trailze said: “Navigation of micromobility vehicles presents unique challenges. Navmatic provides the kind of ultra-accurate positioning necessary to provide precise turn-by-turn directions, even in areas of high-density buildings where GPS reception is limited. We are thrilled to be working together with Navmatic to bring accuracy and reliability to MicroNavigation."


About Trailze:

Trailze is building the world’s best navigation engine designed specifically for micromobility. Using patented ML technology, the routes are prioritized safety without sacrificing time or distance. Trailze’s comprehensive APIs and SDKs allow customers to instantly add navigation capabilities to any location-aware product.

Mobility and transportation are rapidly changing, and as micromobility is becoming the de facto standard for urban areas, Trailze is set to corner the emerging micro navigation market. Trailze is currently working with its first partner, Bird.

About Navmatic:

Navmatic, utilizing an end-to-end cloud service and software, has unleashed the power of GPS and improved positioning accuracy, using standard GPS receivers, by an order of magnitude. By combining our proprietary cloud service and on-device sensor fusion with multipath mitigation algorithms, Navmatic enables sub-meter positioning.

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